October 2, 2011

My New Facebook Page

I have created a FB page for Raymond Lam known as Love Forever with LF 林峯.

Initially, I wanted to change my this blog heading from TVBCraze to anything relating to 林峯. Because I have too deeply engaged with 林峯 showbiz nowsaday and are not interested in any other shows without him. And I am inspired to blog only for/about 阿峯 so change my blog name is essential.

However, I have not decided to do so soon because since 林峯 has continued to sign with TVB and thus, have 林峯! have TVB! So my TVB Craze Blog name shall stay tune for the time being.

Nevertheless, do join my FB page (give a like) if you are also a 林峯 fans.

September 12, 2011

Happy Mooncake Festival 中秋节快乐

Today is Mooncake Festival! 中秋节快乐!

This year 中秋节, conscenience also 哥哥 Leslie Cheung 55 歲 冥壽 (Birthday). Here, tvbcraze wishing 哥哥 happy day out there. And we could celebrate this 节日, while eating mooncake and slipping a cup of tea, at the same time, don't forget to raise your head to 赏月, perhaps we could see 哥哥 Leslie there.

Luckily 林峯 is in Hong Kong to 过中秋节. We also have his greeting and jade rabbit look.

Look! 阿峯 is such a cutie. Even just put on a rabbit's hair band, he too looked so kawaii desui!

Very happy that 阿峯 has ever sang one of Leslie's song "为你种情" and this song "月亮代表誰的心" during his Let's Get Wet Concert 2010. So, in associated with 中秋节 and 哥哥冥壽(Birthday), let enjoy 峯's version here.



June 14, 2011

Raymond Lam - You Light Up Our Life (Part 2)

In the month of May

Highlight: TVB new drama series - My Sister of Eternal Flower 花花世界花家姐 begins to aired in HK on 16 May 2011

Review: haha, 林峯 was given an interesting role to play. From the beginning episodes, a wealthy charming guy, mean mischief behaviour till mid to the end episodes, gradually transformed to an adorable, kind and thoughtful self makes this series really worth sort for. The icon characters screenshot by Raymond and Charmaine in movie <天若有情>, <阿飞正传> and Korean TV drama <大长今> were really a highlight of this drama series.

These are some screenshots from the original 天若有情 movie

Haha, the above are the screenshots from 花花世界花家姐 by 林峯 and 佘诗曼 posing Hwa Dee and JoJo in 天若有情

Here, we have original 阿飞正传 screenshots:-

Due to the original movie is always in the "dark" light, therefore, all the screenshots looked quite dark.

Here is the 花花世界花家姐 version of the <阿飞正传> by 林峯 and 佘诗曼. Nice posing and I love it very much. Noticed that 阿峯 shirt looked so similar to Leslie - "Likes!"

The original version had no kissing scene leh

Finally, Screenshots of 大长今 (Original and 花花世界花家姐 version):

Original Version

But I especially love the part where Hugo (蔣奕) deliberately separated with 花麗珠 and later reunited. I found that I laughed whenever Hugo was happy and also move me to tears when Hugo was sad and crying. Especially when he has to squad in a alley to eat a meal and when he cried after separated with 花麗珠. Very touching.

Personnally, I have to give abundance of "Likes" to this series thru there are quite a substantial negative feedbacks during the airing:

网易娱乐5月24日报道 –



阿峯 did not disappoint all his fans with his proficient acting as he has delivered his role very well. He is really suitable with this sort of role play and it makes all his fans wanted to see him appearance every minutes in this drama. I have anticipated that Raymond could 凭 this role to get the 本年度我最喜愛的男主角 or the most hopeful award for 阿峯 - 最佳男主角 at this upcoming TVB Anniversary Awards 萬千星輝賀台慶 this year. So 阿峯, 我们看见你的努力,也认同你的!加油!We will always support u!"

Pig Pig 猪 Enterprising

Another great impact on me thru this drama series is about the pig pig 猪 enterprising. In the show as Hugo (蔣奕) ever mentioned: "One shop becomes 2 shops, 2 shops becomes 4 shops, than go public listed....... etc". I felt very inspired and enthusiasm of the pig pig 猪 enterprising. That gives me an idea to start my little enterprising online business. I will handmade Dolls featuring 阿峯 on every characters he played in TV drama or movies as well as his concerts 照形. If this idea works well and received good response, I hope to have 阿峯 one day to endorse my production….. lol. I hope my dream will comes true.

Of course this pig pig 猪 will also be an attempt to make them

My Sister of Eternal Flower Theme song 花花世界花家姐主題曲

Of course this is another hit song from Raymond Lam. Let's enjoy here:

Raymond Lam - You Ligth Up Our Life (Part 1)

Immediately after his Desire Tour Concert, Raymond returned to HK and 马不停蹄 continued to carry out with his upcoming performances:-

In the month of March

1) Release of his new First Mandarin Album - 林峰 First [第一次]

林峯首張國語大碟《 First第一次》

林峰 - [第一次] Sound Track include:

01. 再一次
02. 太熱了
03. 讓我愛你一小時
04. 換個方式愛你
05. 不想讓你失望
06. 吻過吸血鬼
07. 愛在記憶中找你
08. 一直都在
09. 我們很好
10. 長假期


From this album, I'm only favour the 3 new songs, namely <再一次>, <太熱了> and <讓我愛你一小時>. The rest of the songs are just a mere conversion of his previous Cantonese songs. Perhaps due to 先入为主, I just could not have a liking of the mardarin version to the rest of the songs - I still prefer the original Cantonese version.

Here, the 3 new songs:




2) 林峯 prompting the upcoming new TVB series《回到三國》and filming

阿峯飾演諸葛亮的他形容該劇類似古裝版的《談情說案》入面 Professor King嘅古裝版喎!

I managed to find out commic 諸葛亮 in 三國 storybook and I think is really looks like what Raymond now is casting. lol


Raymond Lam shall be acting as 諸葛亮. At the first look, I'm not preference his 戲服造型. It could be perfect if Raymond is given Kenneth's ma role. 馬國明在劇中扮演一名由現代穿梭到古代的人. Thus, with 阿峯 acting, I believe he could carry up his role very well and I think I must watch him at most of the epsoides.

3) Cheers to 阿峯 that 另一部古裝大片<忠烈楊家將> going to 拍攝,演員包括有飾演楊六郎的吳尊、飾演楊五郎的林峯,飾演楊三郎的周渝民、飾演楊二郎的于波及飾演楊七郎的付辛博等,also 郑伊健饰演潘仁美 and 鄭少秋將飾演楊令公,古天樂與李晨將分飾楊大郎及楊四郎


Yes! I am anticipated this movie as my 3 favour actors are all in 1 movie. Louis koo, Raymond Lam and Ekin Cheng. But I think have to wait for sometimes b4 we could be able to watch it.

June 13, 2011

Past / New Banner

Is time to change new banner!

This time is still about Raymond Lam. Thanks Ah Fung for lighting up our life with his continue appearance in various shows and his music. I have a great more to mention about him. So stay tune!

Past Banner (Dec 2010 - Jun 2011)

April 1, 2011

Memorial of - 哥哥 张国荣 Leslie Cheung

As I have mentioned earlier in my blog, 1st April to me is not about April Foo day. Is a day to be in memorial. Yes, to remember that a superstar had ended his life on this day. How times flies, today already 1st April 2011, Leslie Cheung had left us for 8 years already.

Indeed, when everyone first heard about the news, nobody believes it was true and all will say: “What an April Foo Joke! Please don’t be so cruel, curse Leslie to die……” But…… is real ……. Is a day of all Leslie’s fans keep shaking their heads, soul departure and tears uncontrollely rolling down.

Hence, tvbcraze would also like to pay tribute to our 永远怀念哥哥 张国荣 for this year. Have specially selected this song and let us together behold with a heartfelt moment to listen: 张国荣 <<今生今世>>. Yes, 今生今世 , we remember our 哥. 最虔诚的祝福,愿哥哥在天堂永远快乐.

Also let's have a look at some of Leslies' pixture gallery

March 6, 2011

Raymond Lam - Desire Tour Live Concert in Singapore 2011

After the opening song "Hello". 林峰 sang his second song - 原罪

This time I started to video the gig. But do bear with my shaking video clip because it is not easy to raise my hands mid high and kept motionless for so long. Very tired, leh! BTW, my eyes always try to look at the stage while I'm videoing from the large screen. I think this should be the main purpose of going to watch a live concert - to see "LIVE", right?

林峰 sang his second song - 原罪

After thought: I do love this song very much and of course, Raymond's magnetic voice and dancing is magnificent beside the non-surprise outfit and the simple stage recital.

Here also some pix for this song part (Credit goes to Stomp):-

March 2, 2011

Raymond Lam - Desire Tour Live Concert in Singapore 2011

Raymond Lam's opened his Desire Tour - Live Concert in Singapore 2011 with the song "Hello".

This is the max I could zoom with my camera and my eyes has been tired trying to stretch hard to look at Raymond on stage


I did not video Raymond singing of "Hello" because I was trying hard to focus and stretch my eyes to the max to see Raymond real image as I seated at Categories D thru was first 3rd row. But, from where I seated, no matter how my eyes or my camera stretched, to an extend, I still can't see Ah Fung clearly......signed..... And I promised myself for his future concerts, never would I sit at the back anymore and would only go for the first few rows at whatever pricing.

"Na, Take all this! Just gives me the centre first row seating!"

After thought: Actually, when I saw the screen with the count down clip, I really thought that Raymond would jump out from the auto-platform just like his Come2Me Concert in HK last year. Of course, he did not do so. Later when the concert ended, I realised that this concert stage layout was not possible to produce any sort like his HK concert and those stunning outfits he worn in his HK concert was also amissed. However, there were similar to the Malaysia Concert he held on 19 Feb 2011. Well, I knew I just could not expect too much from the Singapore concert.

BTW, here are a video clip and some nice pix of Raymond's Concert singing the opening song "Hello". Credit goes to JennieFoo (Youtube Video) and Stomp (Pixtures).

Raymond worn an elegant black gentlemen suit that, no doubt, made him looked very charming. However, in my opinion, this suit was not suitable to sing fast song and dancing as its really restricted Raymond's dancing step. Look at his HK Come2Me Concert - the outfit was good and he sang and danced more freely. Oh, just wish I could be at the earlier two concerts to watch it!

I like the song: "Hello" and his dancing and of course this outfit